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Sri Satyatma Tirtha

RADHE KRISHNA 27-10-2011

Sri Satyatma Tirtha


Historically speaking, Sri Uttaradi Math is the original seat of Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya. From reliable sources we come to know that Madhvacharya has inherited this seat from Sri Achyuta Preksha, who belonged to the Ekadandi Order of Brahma Sampradaya.

There is a legend on how this Brahma Sampradaya was initiated. At the time of Creation, Shri Narayana, the supreme God, moved primordial matter into numerous forms in an evolutionary process and gave the infinite souls, who were under his care from unoriginated times, physical bodies suited to their nature, karma and effort. He created the entire universe including the earth, with its Sadhana Bhoomi – the land where merits turn out to be fruitful.

Sri Satyatma Tirtha
Shri Shri Satyapramoda Teertha Swamiji, the then Peethadhipati of Shri Uttaradi Matha, discovered the latent attributes of a great genius, a dynamic leader, a compassionate benefactor of humanity and a devotee of a high order in him. In short , all the great qualities one must possess in order to become a Peethadhipati. He therefore, decided to induct him to sanyasashrama in the name of Satyatma Teertha and thus made him the heir to the Uttaradi Matha.

Shri Shri 1008 Satyatma Teertha, the present pontiff of the Uttaradi Matha took over "Vedic samrajya" from 3-11-1997 after Shri Shri 1008 Satyapramoda Teertharu attained "Haripada Sannidi" on 3-11-1997. Shri Shri 1008 Satyatma Teertharu was ordained to sanyasa ashrama on 24-4-1996 at Tirukoilur by Shri Shri 1008 Satyapramoda Teertharu. He is the 42nd pontiff of the Matha since Sri Madhwacharya.

Known by the name Sarvagnyacharya in his poorvashrama, he is the son of the the great scholar "Sudha Visharada" Pandit Rangacharya Guttal, purvashrama son of the late Shri Shri 1008 Satyapramoda Teertharu and the present kulapati of Shri Jayateertha Vidyapeetha, Bangalore. His mother's name is Smt. K.S. Rukmabai, daughter of Pt. Mahuli Gopalachar. He was born at Mumbai in 1973 and was named "Sarvagnya".

Sarvagnyacharyas great grandfather, i.e the father of Shri 1008 Satyapramoda Tirtharu was also a great scholar and virakti shikhamani. It is as if with his great punya that the guttala family has seen such a series of scholars for successive generations, two of them being the pithadhipathis of this great Matha in succession. The shastra lakshmi seems to have made the guttala family her permanent home.

It is an accepted fact that no ordinary soul has occupied the Uttaradi Matha Peetha. Many gurus who had appeared ordinary in purvashrama have astounded everybody by the spiritual heights they reached after gracing the Uttaradi Matha Peetha by the mere blessings of the guru.

Shri Shri Satyapramoda Teertha Swamiji, the then Peethadhipati of Shri Uttaradi Matha, discovered the latent attributes of a great genius, a dynamic leader, a compassionate benefactor of humanity and a devotee of a high order in him. In short , all the great qualities one must possess in order to become a Peethadhipati. He therefore, decided to induct him to sanyasashrama in the name of Satyatma Teertha and thus made him the heir to the Uttaradi Math.

Thus at the young age of 24 he joined the group of great peethadhipatis of the Uttaradi Matha who had the privilege of accepting Sanyasa directly after Brahmacharya (the second or third in the history of the Uttaradi Math).

Generally the Peetadhipatis at the Uttaradi Matha are 'Grahasthashramis'. After Raghuttama Teertharu, Shri Satyatma Teertharu is the second peethadipati of Uttaradi Matha who is a Brahmachari (He is the eldest son of his parents which amply demonstrates the sacrifice of his parents and grandparents).

This young pontiff had the full blessings of Shri Satyapramoda Tirtha Swamiji. After inducting him to Sansyasashrama, Shri Satyapramodaru passed on to him the heavenly knowledge, the secrets of the Vedanta philosophy, the nectar that continuosly flowed in this great parampara from ages and also the necessary strength to lead a Math of this stature. He transformed him into a great saint, capable of protecting the Hindu dharma and leading the future generations in the light of the Philosophy of Madhvacharya.

He was blessed with sharp intellect, which he seems to have inherited from his father Shri Guttal Rangacharya and grandfather Shri Satyapramoda Tirtha Swamiji. He was very studious from the beginning and never showed any interest in worldly matters (A pointer to his future course of action).

Kind, and compassionate , he was quite unlike the other students. His grasping capacity was extraordinary and earned him the sobriquet , “Ekapathi” (meaning a single reading is sufficient to learn a lesson). His rapt attention was seldom found in any other student. He was able to understand and digest the most complex lessons of philosophy at his young age.

Shri Guttal Rangacharya who is himself a great scholar sent Shri Sarvagnyachar to study at Mumbai under a renowned scholar, Shri Mahuli Gopalacharya, his maternal grandfather, the founder of Satyadhayana Vidyapeetha and Vani Vihar Vidyalaya. He completed his formal education under the guidance of his uncle Vidya Simhacharya. Thus he had the privilege of getting the best education from his father's as well as mother's side.

His brilliance was evident at a very young age. An erudite scholar, he has studied the Vedantas , especially the Dwaita school of phiolosophy. Besides Vedanta, and Mimamsa , he is an authority on Nyaya, Vyakarna, Sahitya , Tarka Sarvamoola Shriman Nyasudha and Vysasatraya. He has good knowledge of English and contemporary religions. His qualities like a sharp memory, abundant courage, have made him a great debater in Vedic Philosophy. His intellectual honesty is matchless and seldom offends people. It is a great honour to listen to his speeches : they are profound, yet simple; strong but not conservative; touching but not offending.

His genius and brilliant oratory were clearly evident when he delivered a scholarly discourse on a difficult subject like "Swapna" (The elucidation on dreams in Dvaita Philosophy) in an international meeting on different philosophies held at Bangalore in 1993. Hardly 20 at this time, he impressed scholars who were much older than him. They were astounded by his deep knowledge and his brilliant exposition . At the religious seminar held in Chennai in 1995 at the time of Mahasamaradhana of Shri Satyabhigna Tirtha Swamiji, he spoke very convincingly on "Samya Vada" and earned praise from the pundits in the Sabha.

Again, all his capabilities were clearly evident in the Mahasamaradhana held at Kurnool in 1997, where he chaired the proceedings on ‘gnana Satra ‘ a religious seminar conducted at that time.

He had the unique opportunity of teaching Shri108 Vidyaballabha Teertha Swamiji, the pontiff of Kaniyuru Matha, one of the 8 Mathas of the Udupi Mathas founded by Shriman Madhwacharya.

His efforts to foster friendly and cordial relations with all the Peetadipatis need special mention. Some of his concepts and ideas to involve the wider spectrum of our community, like imparting religious knowledge to the non resident shishyas residing abroad need special mention.

He has so far successfully trained several scholars in the renowned Shri Jayteertha Vidyapeetha, founded by his Guru in 1989, in a true gurukula style. Students personally trained by him are doing great service to the society by organizing several programmes like Dharma Jnana Vahini, Youth workshops, conducting regular shastra classes and creating dharma jagruti in one and all.

His fortitude and foresight, helped him found Vishwa Madhwa Maha Parishad (VMMP), an organisation for instilling dharma jagriti at the grass root level.

Through Shrimad Uttaradi Math, of which he is the present Head, through Jayateertha Vidyapeetha of which he is the cheif patron, through Vishwa Madhwa Maha Parishad, which is his brain child, and through Jaya Satyapramoda Nidhi a registered charitable body, founded by his predecessor Sri Satyapramoda Tirtha Swamiji, of which he is now the Chief Trustee, he has carved a niche in the field of service to humanity.

Names of Pontiffs and Brindavana
Guru Stotra

Moola Gurus

Achyutapreksha Tirtharu

1 Shri Madhwacharyaru
2 Shri Padmanabha Teertharu
3 Shri Narahari Teertharu
4 Shri Madhava Teertharu
5 Shri Akshobhya Teertharu
6 Shri Jaya Teertharu
7 Shri Vidyadhiraj Teertharu
8 Shri Kavindra Teertharu
9 Shri Vageesha Teertharu
10 Shri Ramachandra Teertharu
11 Shri Vidyanidhi Teertharu
12 Shri Raghunatha Teertharu
13 Shri Raghuvarya Teertharu
14 Shri Raghuttama Teertharu
15 Shri Vedavyasa Teertharu
16 Shri Vidyadheesha Teertharu
17 Shri Vedanidhi Teertharu
18 Shri Satyavrata Teertharu
19 Shri Satyanidhi Teertharu
20 Shri Satyanatha Teertharu
21 Shri Satyabhinava Teertharu
22 Shri Satyapoorna Teertharu
23 Shri Satyavijaya Teertharu
24 Shri Satyapriya Teertharu
25 Shri Satyabodha Teertharu
26 Shri Satyasandha Teertharu
27 Shri Satyavara Teertharu
28 Shri Satyadharma Teertharu
29 Shri Satyasankalpa Teertharu
30 Shri Satyasantushata Teertharu
31 Shri Satyaparayana Teertharu
32 Shri Satyakaama Teertharu
33 Shri Satyeshata Teertharu
34 Shri Satyaparakrama Teertharu
35 Shri Satyaveera Teertharu
36 Shri Satyadheera Teertharu
37 Shri Satyajnana Teertharu
38 Shri Satyadhyana Teertharu
39 Shri Satyaprajna Teertharu
40 Shri Satyabhijna Teertharu
41 Shri Satyapramoda Teertharu
42 Shri Satyatma Teertharu

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