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Manorama (actress) Movies list

RADHE KRISHNA 26-10-2011

Manorama (actress) Movies list

Radhe Krishna 26-10-2011

Manorama (actress)

Manorama [மனோரமா]
Born Gopishantha Kasi Clockudaiyar
May 26, 1943 (age 68)
Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu, India[1]
Other names Aachi
Occupation Actress
Years active 1958 – present
Children Bhupathi

Manorama (born Gopishantha[citation needed] Tamil: கோபிசாந்தா) is a veteran Tamil actress who has acted in more than 1500 films, 1000 stage performances and a few television serials.[2] She is affectionately called Aachi by the South Indian people.[3][4] She holds a Guinness World Record for acting in the most number of films.
1 Birth and early life
2 Entry into cinema
3 Critical acclamation
4 Trivia
5 Distinction and awards
6 Filmography
7 References
8 External links

Birth and early life

Manorama, a legend, was born Gopi Shantha to Kasi Clockudaiyar and Ramamitham on 26 May 1943 at Mannargudi, Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu. Later her family moved to Pallathur near Karaikudi owing to poverty.[1] She started her acting career at 12 years as a drama artist.[5] When she started her stage performances she was rechristened as Manorama by the drama director, Thiruvengadam, and the harmonist, Thiayagarajan. She continued to act in plays and also performed on stage as a playback singer.

Entry into cinema

Manorama slowly migrated from dramas to the silver screen with the role of a comedienne in the Tamil film Malayitta Mangai. During her initial days in the cine field, she concentrated more on comedy. She was given equally challenging roles alongside the well known comedian Nagesh. They made an excellent pair and acted in many praiseworthy comedies.
The first song that Manorama sang in cinema was in a film called Magale Un Samathu. The producer of this film, P. A. Kumar had seen Manorama perform in dramas and gave her the opportunity to sing.[6] The song was composed by G. K. Venkatesh, famous yesteryear music director, with whom Ilaiyaraja had worked as an assistant. Manorama sang this song along with L. R. Eswari, another famous yesteryear Tamil singer. "Thaatha thaatha pidi kudu... Indha thalladha vayasila sadugudu..." were the beginning lines of this song. However, "Vaa vaathiyaare uttaande..." composed by music director V. Kumar for the film Bommalattam, was the first song that became a hit for her. She performed along with Cho Ramaswamy in this song.

Critical acclamation

Manorama's role in the film Thillana Mohanambal was much appreciated and noticed even with the presence of great stalwarts like Sivaji Ganesan and Natiya Peroli (Danseuse) Padmini in the movie. Manorama personally shared in an interview that initially she was extremely nervous of acting in front of veterans like T. S. Balaiah. But, the director A. P. Nagarajan made her understand that the scenes in which Jil Jil Ramamani appears, she would be the centre of attention and not anyone else. This gave her the confidence to portray the wildly expressive, loud-talking but tender-hearted character on screen in an admirable fashion.[7] Ever since, she was provided with more scope in varied roles in addition to comedy. She took each responsibility with such an ease, which made the Tamil industry recognize her immense talent.
Cho Ramaswamy claimed on the Tamil TV show Koffee with Anu that he was the first one to call Manorama as the female Sivaji Ganesan. He admired her for her versatility in acting and the ability to surprise with her performance.[8]


Manorama shared the screen space in the Hindi Movie Kunwara Baap with the legendry comedian Mehmood.
Manorama stated in an interview with a Toronto TV channel that one of the most challenging characters she played was the role of the 50-year-old unmarried woman she played in the film Nadigan with Sathyaraj.[9] Playing that character was a tight-rope walk, since one wrong step could have made the character seem vulgar.
In the same interview, Manorama also mentions that she is highly indebted to her mother for her upbringing and success. It seems many of the mother roles that she has played so far in films, resemble the character of her own mother a lot.[10]
When asked about the secret of her youthful charm and beauty, Manorama quipped in Tamil "Agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum", meaning "The beauty of the mind is reflected on the face."[11] She went on to say that her heart and mind are still youthful, which is the secret of her youth.
The last time that Manorama met Sivaji Ganesan, before his death was on May 26, 2001, when she had gone to his home to receive his blessings on her birthday.[12] At that time, she was extremely pleased to hear him telling his wife that no one can do better than Manorama when it comes to speaking different dialects of Tamil.
When asked which character of hers she found extremely hilarious to play, she specified the role of a talkative female, who is forced to act dumb in a film called Unakkum Vazhvu Varum. She did this role along with Thengai Srinivasan and was delighted to note that one of the light operators on the set, came over to her personally and mentioned that he found her scene quite funny.[13]
Manorama personally believes that although people acclaim her performance in Thillana Mohanambal as a cornerstone in her career, she values the character she was given by K. Balachander in the film Unnal Mudiyum Thambi since it displayed a new acting facet of her.[14]
Manorama was bitten by a Kattuviriyan snake (Bungarus fasciatus) during the shooting of a film called Manjal Kungumam and was admitted to hospital. Coincidentally, after recovery, the next scene she acted in was in a film called Aadi Viradham, in which she had to bathe a snake statue and sing a lullaby for it.[15]
The first time Manorama stood before the camera was for a Sinhalese film, in which she played the heroine's friend. Her dance master Suryakala was the one who took her to director Masthaan to play the character. Manorama, however, could not recollect the name of this film when asked in an interview.[16]
The first film in which Manorama acted as the heroine was Konjum Kumari in 1963[17]

Distinction and awards

She has the distinction of having acted with five chief ministers of South India. She was the female lead in the stage plays written, directed and acted by Mr C. N. Annadurai, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She has also acted in stage plays with another Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M. Karunanidhi. She has acted in films with Dr. M. G. Ramachandran and Dr. Jayalalitha Jayaram who both became Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu later. She has also acted in Telugu films with Dr. N T Rama Rao, who became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh[18] She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2002. She won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for the movie Pudhiya Pathai in 1989.[19] She holds a Guinness World Record for acting in most number of films. She has given the Kalaimamani award by the Government of Tamil Nadu.


Year Film Language Notes
1958 Maalaiyitta Mangai Tamil
1959 Kalathur Kannamma Tamil
1960 Konjum Kumari Tamil
1963 Paar Magale Paar Tamil
1965 Thiruvilayadal Tamil
1966 Anbe Vaa Tamil
1966 Saraswathi Sabatham Tamil
1966 Kandan Karunai Tamil
1968 Ethir Neechal Tamil
1968 Galatta Kalyanam Tamil
1969 Ayiram Poi Tamil
1972 Pattikada Pattanama Tamil
1972 Kasethan Kadavulada Tamil
1973 Rajaraja Cholan Tamil
1974 Kunwara Baap Hindi
1976 Akka Tamil
1976 Unakkaga Naan Tamil
1976 Unmaye Un Vilai Enna Tamil
1976 Rojavin Raja Tamil
1976 Nee Oru Maharani Tamil
1976 Moham Muppadhu Varusham Tamil
1976 Grahapravesam Tamil
1976 Bhadrakali Tamil
1976 Vazhvu En Pakkam Tamil
1976 Ungalil Oruthi Tamil
1976 Perum Pugazhum Tamil
1976 Paaloothi Valartha Kili Tamil
1976 Oru Kodiyil Iru Malargal Tamil
1976 Nalla Penmani Tamil
1976 Muthaana Muthullavaa Tamil
1976 Mayor Meenakshi Tamil
1976 Kula Gowravam Tamil
1976 Janaki Sabatham Tamil
1977 Aalukkoru Aasai Tamil
1977 Aaru Pushpangal Tamil
1977 Aasai Manaivi Tamil
1977 Durga Devi Tamil
1978 Kuppathu Raja Tamil
1978 Annalakshmi Tamil
1978 Maariyamman Thiruvizha
1978 Kamakshiyin Karunai
1978 Chittukuruvi
1978 En Kelvikkenna Bathil
1978 General Chakravarthy
1978 Pilot Premnath
1978 Punniya Bhoomi
1978 Vandikkaaran Magal
1978 Varuvaan Vadivelan
1978 Vaazha Ninaithal Vazhaalam
1978 Rudra Thaandavam
1978 Seervarisai
1978 Aayiram Jenmangal Malayalam
1978 Bhairavi
1978 Andaman Kaadhali
1979 Thyagam Tamil
1979 Alankari Tamil
1979 Imayam
1979 Kalyanaraman
1980 Billa Tamil
1980 Enippadigal
1980 Ennadi Meenakshi
1980 Nadagame Ulagam
1980 Neechalkulam
1980 Panchabhootham
1980 Poonthalir
1980 Sri Ramajayam
1980 Subhodayam Telugu
1980 Rishi Moolam
1981 Kodeeswaran Magal
1981 Keezhvaanam Sivakkum
1981 Thee
1981 Savaal
1981 Mangamma Sabatham
1982 Vazhvey Maayam Tamil
1982 Simla Special Tamil
1982 Thaai Moogambigai
1982 Sangili
1982 Theerppu
1982 Manal Kayiru
1982 Marumagale Vaazhga
1982 Kannodu Kan
1982 Kaivarisai
1982 Jodippura
1982 Pokkiri Raja Tamil
1983 Sattam Tamil
1983 Sivappu Suriyan
1983 Mridhanga Chakravarthy
1983 Neethibathi
1983 Nirabarathi
1983 Thanga Magan Tamil
1983 Adutha Varisu Tamil
1983 Paayum Puli Tamil
1984 Enakkul Oruvan Tamil
1984 Kairaasikkaaran
1984 Mansoru
1984 Oh Maane Maane
1984 Anbeodivaa
1985 Andha sila naatkal
1985 Iru Methaigal
1985 Madras Vaathiyaar
1985 Vazhkai
1985 Vidhi
1985 Simmasoppanam
1985 Nyaayam
1985 Ninaivugal
1985 Chidambara Ragasiyam
1985 Jhansi
1985 Anni
1985 Kadivalam
1985 Bandham
1986 Vikram Tamil
1986 Samsaram Adhu Minsaram Tamil
1986 Ilamai
1986 Kaaval
1986 Nermai
1986 Perumai
1986 Porutham
1986 Chandamama
1986 Odangal
1986 Kaithiyin Theerppu
1986 Veeran
1987 Per Sollum Pillai Tamil
1987 Paruva Ragam Tamil
1987 Naan Adimai Illai Tamil
1988 Guru Sishyan Tamil
1988 Paatti Sollai Thattaadhe
1988 En Jeevan Paduthu Tamil
1988 Unnal Mudiyum Thambi Tamil
1988 Idhu Namma Aalu
1988 Thambi Thangakambi
1989 Kutravaali
1989 Vasanthi
1989 Ulagam Piranthathu Enakkaga
1989 Aararo Aariraro
1989 Apoorva Sagodharargal Tamil
1989 Puthiya Padhai Tamil
1990 Michael Madana Kama Rajan Tamil
1990 Engal Saamy Ayyappan
1990 Edhirkaatru
1990 Nadigan
1990 Engitta Modaathe
1990 Vedikkai En Vadikkai Tamil
1991 Chinna Gounder Tamil
1991 Chinna Thambi Tamil
1991 Raakkaayi Kovil Tamil
1991 Nanbargal
1991 Pudhumanithan
1991 Idhayam Tamil
1992 Mannan Tamil
1992 Nee Pathi Naan Pathi Tamil
1992 Singaravelan Tamil
1992 Annamalai Tamil
1992 Rasukkutty
1993 Yejaman Tamil
1993 Gentleman Tamil
1993 Ponnumani
1993 Uthamaraasa
1993 Dharmaseelan
1993 Sendhoorapandi Tamil
1993 Pangali
1993 Neelakuyil
1994 Kadhalan Tamil
1994 Deva Tamil
1994 Jaihind
1994 Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Dha Nee
1994 Seeman
1994 Anbumagan
1994 Rasigan Tamil
1994 Nattamai Tamil
1995 Murai Maaman Tamil
1995 Marumagan
1995 Kooli
1995 Parambharai
1995 Nandavana Theru
1995 Naan Petra magane
1995 Mahaprabhu
1995 Velusaamy
1995 Mr. Madras
1995 Muthukaalai
1995 Maaman Magal
1996 Indian Tamil
1996 Naatupura Paattu
1996 Love Birds Tamil
1996 Sakthi
1997 Arunachalam Tamil
1997 Vallal Tamil
1998 Pooveli Tamil
1998 Natpukkaga Tamil
1998 Veera Thalattu
1998 Marumalarchi
1999 Rojavanam Tamil
1999 Unnai Thedi Tamil
1999 Periyanna
1999 Kummipaattu
1999 Simmarasi
2000 Kannal Pesava
2000 Vetri Kodi Kattu Tamil
2000 Millenium Stars Malayalam
2000 Thirunelveli Tamil
2000 Kannan Varuvaan Tamil
2000 Snegithiye Tamil
2000 Unnaruge Naan Irundhal Tamil
2000 Maayi Tamil
2001 Krishna Krishna Tamil
2002 Thamizh Tamil
2002 Gemini Tamil
2003 Saamy Tamil
2003 Diwaan
2003 Whistle Tamil
2004 Perazhagan Tamil
2004 7G Rainbow Colony Tamil
2005 Karka Kasadara
2006 Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi Tamil
2006 Pasa Kiligal Tamil
2007 Seetha Kalyanam Malayalam
2007 Aalwar Tamil
2007 Thaamirabharani Tamil
2008 Krishnarjuna Telugu
2009 Arundhati Telugu
2009 Laadam Tamil
2009 A Aa E Ee Tamil
2010 Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam Tamil
2010 Singam Tamil
2011 Ponnar Sankar Tamil

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