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" Parithranaya Sathunam Vinachaya Sathushkritham Dharmasamsthapanarthaya Sambavami yuge yuge"
Divya Desam
In Hinduism, Venkateshwara (also spelled as Venkateswara, Venkateshwer or Venkatachalapathi) is a much-worshipped form of Vishnu. He is also known as Balaji or Lord Venkateswara. He is also worshiped with the name Tirupati Thimmappa all over Karnataka by traditionally Shiva worshipping communities.

Vishnu, in the form of Venkateshwara, is much worshipped at Tirupati temple. Venkateshwara is the presiding deity at the Tirumala temple complex, believed to be the richest of all the Hindu shrines in the world. The temple is situated in southern Andhra Pradesh in Chittoor district. It is around 120 km away from Chennai. The presence of seven hills influenced alternate names for the diety: Edu kondala vadu in Telugu and as Elumalaiyan in Tamil both of which mean Lord of the Seven Hills.

In between the Pallava and the Chola country lay an undefined small region called the Nadu nadu or mid country. The Pallava country was also known as Todaimandalam or Tondai nadu which was bounded on the north by the Svarnamukhi river and on the south by the South Pennar. The Chola country known as Sola nadu lay between the South Pennar and the Cauvery rivers. The pandyan kingdom lay South of the Cauvery right down to the sea. The western half of the extreme south (ruled by the Cheran king) extending to the Arabian sea was called the Malai nadu or Hill country. The remaining part of India to the north of the Tondai mandalam was known as the Vada nadu or Vadugar nadu (the country of the northerners). The chart shows the sacred places arranged on the above regional basis adopted by the Sri Vaishnavas.

108 Divya Desangal

Chozha Tirupathigal - 1 to 40

Malayaala Tirupathigal - 41 to 53

Nadu Tirupathigal - 54 to 55

Pandiya Tirupathigal - 56 to 73

Thondal Tirupathigal - 74 to 95

Vada Tirupathigal - 96 to 106

Vinnulaga Tirupathigal - 107 to 108

Divya desams in Chozha naadu(Present Tanjavour,Trichy districts)
001.Srirangam (Aranga Maanagar, Thiruvarangam)
004.Thiru veLLaRai
006.ThiruppEr nagar
008.Thirukkodalur (Thirukkoodalur)
012.Kumbakonam (Thirukkudanthai)
013.Oppili Appan koil
014.Naachchiyaar koil
020.Thanjai MaamaNik koil
021.Thiru Nandhipura viNNagaram
024.SiRu puliyur
027.KaavaLam paadi
029.Arimeya viNNagaram
030.VaN purushoththamam
031.Thiru semponsey koil
032.Thiru maNi maadak koil
033.Vaikundha viNNagaram
034.Thiru vaali Thiru nagari
035.Thiru Thevanaar thogai
036.Thiru theRRiyambalam
037.Thiru maNik koodam
038.Annan koil
039.Parththan paLLi

Divya desams in Nadu naadu (Near Cuddalore)
041.Thiruvahendrapuram (Thiruvaheendipuram)

Divya desams in Thondai naadu (Madras,Kanchi areas)
043.Kachchi,Aththigiri(Kanchipuram, Kancheevaram, Kanjeevaram)
044.Ashtapuyakaram (Kanchi)
047.Thiru neerakam
049.Thiru nilaath thungaL thuNdam
050.Thiru Urakam
051.Thiru Veqkaa
055.ThiruppavaLa vaNNam
056.Thirup ParamEsvara viNNagaram
057.Thirup putkuzhi
058.Thiru ninRavUr
059.ThiruvaLLur (Thiru EvvuLLUr)
060.ThiruvallikkENi (Thiru AllikkeNi)
062.Thiru Idavendhai
063.Thirukkadal Mallai
064.Sholinghur (Thiruk Kadigai, Sozhasimhapuram)

Divya desams in North India (Vada naadu)
068.ThirukkaNdam kadinagar
075.Thiru vEngadam (Sapthagiri, Thirumala, Tirumalai, Thirupathi)

Divya desams in Malai Naadu (Kerala)
076.Thiru naavaay
077.Thiru viththuvakkOdu
078.Thiruk kaatkarai
079.Thiru mUzhikkaLam
080.Thiru vallavaazh
081.Thiruk kadiththaanam
082.Thiruch chengkunRanUr
084.ThiruvaaRan viLai
085.Thiru vaN vaNdUr
086.Thiru anantha puram
088.Thiru vaN paricharam

Divya desams in Paandiya Naadu (Madurai,Srivillipuththur,Thirunelveli areas)
089.Thiruk Karungkudi
092.VaraguNa mangai
093.Thirup PuLingkudi
094.Thiruth Tholaivilli Mangalam
097.Then ThiruppErai
098.Azhvar Thirunagari
102.Thirumaalirum sOlai (Thirumaaliruncholai)
106.Thiru meyyam

Divya desams in out of this world.
107.Thirup paaRkadal

Among the 108 Temples known as Divyadesam for Srivaishnavites, only 106 visibly located on the mother Earth. Rest two known are (the most Srivaishnavites would like to visit on attaining the Moksha, to liberate themselves from rebirth) known as Thiruparkadal and Sri Vaikuntham - The Abodes of Sri Maha Vishnu. These are the places worshipped and sung by great Tamil Saints known as Alwars, the saintly poets who immersed themselves in the divine ocean of Lord Vishnu. Divyadesams are also Divya Kshetrams. Those who have seen these two places are not with us to elaborate and those who elaborate about these places are never seen it! (Kandavar Vindadillai, Vindavar Kandadillai!). Yet, the great Maharishis and Munis and Sages, who could visualize these places with their sheer power of Njana Drushti had given us some light on the two Eternal Divya Desa kshetraams. Thus we could get some know on these two most important Abode of Sri Maha Vishnu.

Emperumaan, Lord Sriman Narayanan is found in various Thirukkolam. The Thirukkolam (Appearance of His revered Idols) in 108 Divyakshetrams are listed below:

Kidantha Thirukkolam (Sleeping Posture) - 27 Divyadesams

Veetrirundha Thirukkolam (Sitting Position) - 21 Divyadesams

Nindra Thirukkolam (Standing Position) - 60 Divyadesams

Out of these 108 Divyadesams, as we have seen that The Lord ( Perumal) is appearing in various Thirukkolam (Postures), he is also facing his Thirumugham (Face) on various directions and giving his seva darshan, as below:

The Lord appears facing Towards East direction at 79 temples, facing towards West direction - 19, facing towards North direction - 3 and facing towards South direction in 7 temples.

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Sree Suktham - 108 Divya desangal


Tuesday, May 22, 2007
108 Vaishnava Divya Desangal - Choola Nadu
108 Vaishnava Divya Desangal - Choola Nadu


Srirangam is considered the most important among the Vaishnavite temples, known as the "Koil". The temple is situated between the rivers Cauvery & Kollidam, near Trichy.

The Moolavar is Sri Ranganathar, (also known as Peria Perumal, Namperumal, Azhagia Manavaalan) who reclines on the Adisesha, facing South. The Uthsavar is Namperumal who gives darshan in the standing posture. Thaayaar is known by the thirunaamam Sri Ranga Naayaki (Ranga Naachiyaar)
The Sthala Vriksham is Punnai
This Sthalam is known as Boologa Vaikuntam
It is the birth place of great Saints like Pattar, Pillai Logacharyar, Peria Nambi.
There are sannadhis for Danvantri Bhagavan, Chakrathaazhvaar, Garudaazhvaar, Sugreevan, Angadhan, Sri Desikan.

The 10 Alwars (Perialwar, Kulasekaralwar, Thirumazhisaialwar, Thondaradipodialwar, Thirupaanalwar, Thirumangaialwar, Poigaialwar, Boodhathalwar, Paeyalwar, Nammalwar & Aanddal) have sung 247 paasurams in praise of Lord Ranganathar.

Perialwar - 183, 189, 212, 245, 402-432
Aandaal - 607-616
Kulasekaralwar - 647-676, 728
Thirumazhisaialwar - 772, 800-806, 844, 870, 2384, 2411, 2417, 2441
Thondaradipodialwar - 872-926
Thirupaanalwar - 927-936
Thirumangaialwar - 1019, 1213, 1378-1427, 1506, 1571, 1664, 1829, 1978, 2029, 2038,2043, 2044, 2050, 2062, 2063, 2065, 2069, 2070, 2073-2076, 2673, 2674
Poigaialwar - 2087
Boodathalwar - 2209, 2227, 2251, 2269
Peyalwar - 2342, 2343
Nammalwar - 2505, 3348-3358
Total of 247 Paasurams

Thiru Arimeya Vinnagaram

The temple is located at Thirunaangur, which is 5 mils from Sirgazhi.

The Moolavar is Kudamaadukoothan (with Thaila Kaappu) seen in seated posture facing east. The Utsavar is Gopaalan with four hands. The Garuda Sevai on the day following Thai Ammavaasai is important.

Thaayaar - Amruthakadavalli

Theertham - Kodi Theertham, Amrutha Theertham

Thirumangaialwar - 1238-1247
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Anbil

Thiru Anbil is situated near Trichy. The Moolavar is Vadivazhagia Nambi seen in Bujanga Sayanam (reclining posture, resting the head on the hand) facing East.

Thaayaar - Azhagiavalli Naachiyaar.

Theertham - Mandugapushkarini, Kollidam.

Thirumazhisaialwar has sung in praise of this sthalam - 2417.
1 Paasuram

Thiru Aadanur

The temple is located near Swaamimalai, maintained by the Ahobila Mutt. The Moolavar is Aandalakumaiyan seen in bujanga sayanam posture facing East. There are the idols of Thirumangaialwar & Kaamadenu at the feet of the Lord.

Thaayaar - Ranganayaki.

Theertham - Soorya Pushkarini.

Thirumangaialwar - 2674
Total of 1 Paasuram.

Thiru Indalur

The temple is located in Maayavaram. The Moolavar is Parimala Ranganaathan, Maruviniya Maindhan, Sugandavana Naathan in Veerasayanam posture facing east. The Lord has four hands. Cauvery devi is seated at the head end & Ganga devi at the foot end. The festival in the month of Aippasi is very important. People come here to bathe at the spot where the Cauvery joins the sea.

Thaayaar - Parimala Ranganaayaki, Chandrasaaba Vimosanavalli, Pundareekavalli.

Theertham - Indu Puskarini.

Thirumangaialwar - 1328-1337, 2674
Total of 11 Paasurams.

Thiru Kandiyur

The temple is located on the Tanjavur - Tiruvaiyaru route. The Moolavar is Harasaabavimosana Perumal seen in standing posture facing East. This lord is said to have rid Lord Siva of the sin of plucking one of Brahma's heads (the same reason is believed in Thiru Karambanur also). There is an idol with Chakarathalwar sculpted in the front & Narasimhar at the back. But the idol is placed against a wall & so it is not possible to get the darshan of Lord Narasimhar. There are separate temples with gopurams for the trinities Brahma, Vishnu & Siva. The Brahma temple has been shut down & the idols of Brahma & Saraswati are placed in the Siva temple. Lord Siva is worshipped as Brahma Sirasa Kandeeswarar.

Thaayaar - Kamalavalli.

Utsavar - Kamalanathan

Theertham - Kabaala Moksha Pushkarini, Padma Theertham, Kabaala Theertham, Kudamurutti river.

Thirumangaialwar - 2050
1 Paasuram.

Thiru Kannangudi

The temple is located near Sikkal, Keevalur . The Moolavar is Loganathan seen in standing posture facing east (Shyaamalameni Perumal). The Utsava murtis are Damodara Narayanan, Aravindavalli.

Thaayaar - Loganaayagi

Theertham - Raavana Pushkarini

Sthala Vriksham - Magizham

Thirumangaialwar - 1748 - 1757
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Kannapuram

The temple is located near Nannilam. The Moolavar is Neelamega Perumal, Souri Raajan seen in standing posture facing east with Varada Hastam, Prayoga Chakram. Next to Ubaya Naachiyaar is Andal on the left & Padmavathi on the right. This is the sthalam at which Thirumangaialwar got Thirumandira Upadesam. The Lord's hair started growing to protect the words of Rangapattar (a devotee) to the Chola king & hence the name Souri Rajan to the Lord. The asuran Veekadakshan was slayed by the Lord with his Chakraayudham & on the request of maharishis is seen in Prayoga Chakram pose. Munayadarar was a devotee of the Lord. One day he came to the temple with pongal prasadam that his wife had made. But he was too late & the temple was closed. He prayed sincerely to the Lord. Pleased with his sincerity, the Lord accepted his prasadam & the temple was filled with the smell of Venn Pongal & the temple bells started ringing. Ever since, it has been the habit to do Ardhajaama naivediyam & this is called Muniyodharaya Pongal.

Thaayaar - Kannapuranayagi (Sridevi, Boodevi, Aandaal, Padmini).

Theertham - Nithyapushkarini

Perialwar - 71
Andaal - 535
Kulasekaralwar - 719-729
Thirumangaialwar - 1648-1747, 2067, 2078, 2673, 2674
Nammalwar - 3656 - 3666
Total of 128 Paasurams.

Thiru Kannamangai

The temple is located 25 miles from Kumbakonam & 15 miles from Thiruchaerai. The Moolavar is Bakthavatsala Perumal, Batharaavi Perumal seen in standing posture facing east. The speciality in the temple is the daily pooja to a bees nest like structure in the Thaayaar's sannadhi. It is also known as Lakshmivanam for Goddess Lakshmi is said to have done tapas here. Lord Siva in four forms guards the Kshetram from four sides.

Thaayaar - Abhishekavalli

Theertham - Darshana Pushkarini

Thirumangaialwar - 1638-1647, 1848, 2008, 2673, 2674
Total of 14 Paasurams.


Thirukkarambanur is situated in Uttamar Koil (Bhikshaandaar Koil), a village located on the railroad between Tiruchirappalli and Vizhupuram. The Moolavar is Purushothaman in Bujanga Sayanam facing East.

Thaayaar - Poorvadevi, Poornavalli.

The sthala vriksham is Vaazhai (Plantain)

Siva Peruman, had plucked off one of Lord Brahma's heads because he had lied. But it was still a sin & the skull got stuck to his hand. He got Mahalakshmi to give him alms in the skull & was rid of his sins & doshams.

There are separate sannadhis for Siva, Parvathi, Brahma, Saraswathi...
Since Lord Siva appears as Bikshaadanar in this temple, the sthalam is also called Bikshaandar Koil.

Thirumangaialwar - 1399
1 paasuram.

Thiru Kavithalam

The temple can be reached from Papanasam or Kumbakonam, Thiruvaiyaru. The Moolavar is Gajendra Varadan seen in bujanga sayanam posture facing East. This is the sthalam where the Lord gave abhayam to the Gajendran who called to the Aadimoolam for help.

Thaayaar - Ramaamanivalli ( Porraamaraiyaal).

Theertham - Gajendra Pushkarini, Kabila Theertham.

Thirumazhisaialwar - 2431
Total of 1 Paasuram.

Thiru Kaavalampadi

The temple is located near Vaideeswaran Koil. The Moolavar is Gopaalakrishnan (Raaja Gopaalan) seen in standing posture with Rukmini & Sathyabaamaa facing east. The avadhaara sthalam of Thirumangaialwar is near this place. The Lord from this temple on Garuda Vahanam will also be a part of the Garuda Sevai festival in Thirunangoor (the day after Thai Amavasai).

Thaayaar - Madavaral Mangai, Sengamala Naachiyaar (no separate sannadhi).

Theertham - Thadamalar Poigai

Thirumangaialwar - 1298-1307
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Kazhicheerama Vinnagaram

The temple is located 1/2 mile distance from the Sirgazhi railaway station. The Moolavar is Trivikraman, Thaadaalan, Ulagalanda Perumal seen in standing posture facing east, with his left leg raised to the sky. The Utsavar is Trivikrama Narayanan.

Thaayaar - Loganaayaki; Utsavar is Mattavizh Kuzhali.

Theertham - Sanga Pushkarini, Chakra Theertham

Mangalasasanam: Thirumangaialwar - 1178-1187
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Kudandhai

The temple is located in Kumbakonam 1 1/2 miles from the railway station. The Moolavar is Saarangabaani (other naamaas - Aaravamudan, Abaryaapthaamrudhan) seen in sayanam posture on Aadiseshan, facing East. Nadhi devathais (river deities) can be seen worshipping the Lord. Sri Maannaadhamuni started his work on the divyaprabandam here. The Lord is said to have married Komalavalli Thaayar who was born to Hemarishi & performed tapas to wed the Lord. The Lord's sannadhi is constructed in the form of a chariot with wheels.

Thaayaar - Komalavalli (Padithaandapathini).

Theertham - Hema Pushkarini (Porraamarai), Cauvery river, Arasalaaru(river).

Perialwar - 173, 177, 188
Aandaal - 628
Thirumazhisaialwar - 807 - 812, 2417
Thirumangaialwar - 949, 954, 991, 1078, 1202, 1205, 1394, 1526, 1538, 1570, 1606, 1732, 1759, 1853, 1949, 1975, 2010, 2037, 2045, 2068, 2070, 2080, 2672, 2673, 2674
Boodathalwar - 2251, 2278
Peyalwar - 2311, 2343
Nammalwar - 3194 - 3204
Total of 51 Paasurams

Thiru Koodalur

The temple is located on the Tanjavur - Tiruvaiyaru - Kumbakonam route. The Moolavar is Vaiyankaatha Perumal or Jagathrakshagan, Uyyavandhar seen in standing posture facing East. The Devas worshipped the Lord along with (koodi) Nandaka Munivar and hence the name Koodalur. The river Cauvery is said to have regained her glory by visiting this sthalam. It is believed that once this temple was submerged in the Cauvery floods & the current structure was rebuilt by rani Mangammal.

Thaayaar - Padmaasani, Pushpavalli.

Utsavar - Vaiyankaatha Perumal or Jagathrakshagan with a sengol in his hand.

Theertham - Chakra Theertham, Cauvery river.

Thirumangaialwar - 1358 - 1367
Total of 10 Paasurams


Thirukkozhi is situated about 2 miles from Trichy junction. Kamalavalli Naachiyaar, a Chola princess, sought to marry the Lord. The Lord pleased with her devotion and sincere pooja, married her at this sthalam. This is the birth place of Thiruppanalwar. The Moolavar is Azhaghia Manavaalaperumal seen in the standing posture facing North.
There is no separate Sannadhi for Thaayaar. Kamalavalli Naachiaar is seen in the seating posture facing North.

Thirumangaialwar and Kulasekaralwar have sung in praise of this sthalam.

Thirumangaialwar - 1762
Kulasekaralwar - 667
Total of 2 Paasurams

Thiru Chitra Koodam

The temple is located 1 mile from Chidambaram railway station. The Moolavar is Govindarajan seen in boga sayanam posture facing east. The Utsavar is Devaadidevan, Paarthasaarathy seen in seated posture. There is another utsava murthi - Chitrakoodatthullaan with his ubaya Naachiyaar. The Lord is said to have enjoyed the dance of Natarajar. The fishes in the temple pushkarini come up to the banks to accept the offerings of the devotees.

Thaayaar - Pundareegavalli

Theertham - Pundareega Pushkarini

Kulasekaralwar - 741-751
Thirumangaialwar - 1158-1177,2674
Total of 32 Paasurams.

Thiru Sirupuliyur

The temple is located near Kollumaangudi which is near Maayavaram. The Moolavar is Arulmaakadal, Salasayana Perumal (a small vigraham) seen in bujanga sayanam posture facing south. The Utsavar murtis are Krubaa Samudra Perumal, Dayaanayagi. Vyaagrapaadar had prayed to Lord Siva & had got the legs, hands & eyes of a tiger. He had prayed to Lord Vishnu at this sthalam & attained moksham. Hence the name Sirupuliyur. (in Tamil Puli-Tiger; Siru-small)

Thaayaar - Thirumaamagal Naachiyaar,

Theertham - Maanasa Pushkarini, Anandasaras

Thirumangaialwar - 1628 - 1637
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Semponsei Koil

The temple is located at Thirunaangur, which is 5 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Perarulaalan seen in standing posture facing east. The Utsavar is Hemarangar, Semponrangar. Lord Rama to atone the sin of slaying Ravana, stayed for four days in a golden cow on the advice of Thrdanethra rishi. He then gave it as dhaanam to a brahmin, who used the gold to construct this temple and hence the name semponseikoil (sempon-pure gold).

Thaayaar - Allimaamalar Naachiyaar.

Theertham - Hema Pushkarini, Kanaga Theertham

Thirumangaialwar - 1268-1277
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Chaerai

The temple is located 7miles south east of Kumbakonam & 3 miles from Naachiaar Koil. The Moolavar is Saaranathan seen in standing posture facing east. The Lord gave darshan to the deity, Cauvery. There is also a sannadhi for Cauvery Amman in the temple and a sannadhi for Rajagopalaswamy. The Thai Poosam festival is important and the Lord gives darshan along with five devis - Sridevi, Boodevi, Neeladevi, Mahaalakshmi and Saaranayagi. According to the puranas, it is believed that is the spot from which a gatam was made out of mud & the vedas preserved in it during the pralayam (floods).

Thaayaar - Saaranayagi ( Saara Naachiyaar).

Theertham - Saara Pushkarini.

Thirumangaialwar - 1578-1587, 1853, 2673, 2674
Total of 13 Paasurams.

Thiru Thanjai Maamani Koil

The temple is located near Thanjavur on the banks of Vennaaru. Three temples together are considered a divya desam. All three temples are located close to each other. The temples are Thanjai Maamani Koil, Manikundram, Thanjaiali Nagar. The Utsavar's naamam in all three temples is Sriman Narayanan.

Thanjai Maamani Koil
The Moolavar is Neelamega Perumal seen in seated posture facing east.
Thaayaar - Sengamalavalli
Theertham - Amrutha Theertham

The Moolavar is Manikundra Perumal seen in seated posture facing east.
Thaayaar - Ambujavalli
Theertham - Srirama Theertham

Thanjaiali Nagar
The Moolavar is Narasimhan seen in seated posture facing east.
Thaayaar - Thanjai Nayagi
Theertham - Surya Pushkarini, Srirama Theertham
Thirumangaialwar - 953, 1090, 1576
Boodathalwar - 2251
Nammalwar - 3139
Total of 5 Paasurams.

Thiruthalaisanga Naanmadhiyam

The temple is located near Sirgazhi. The place is known popularly as Thalaisangaadu. The Moolavar is Naanmadhiya Perumal, Vennsudar Perumal seen in standing posture facing east. The Utsava murti - Viyomajothipiraan, Venjudarpiraan, Loganathan

Thaayaar - Thalaisanga Naachiyaar. Utsavar - Sengamalavalli Thaayaar.

Theertham - Chandra Pushkarini.

Thirumangaialwar - 1736, 2674
Total of 2 Paasurams.

Thiru Thetriyambalam

The temple is located in Thirunaangur, 5 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Senganmaal, Ranganaathan, Sri Lakshmirangar (known popularly as Palli Konda Perumaal) seen with four arms in bujanga sayanam posture facing east.

Thaayaar - Sengamalavalli.

Theertham - Soorya Pushkarini

Thirumangaialwar - 1278-1287
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Thevanaar Thogai

The temple is located 4 miles south east of Sirgazhi, 2 1/2 miles from Thirunaangur. The Moolavar is Deivanaayagan seen in standing posture facing east. The Utsavar is Maadava Perumaal. This is part of the 11 Thirunaangur sthalams.

Thaayaar - Kadalmagal Naachiyaar. The Utsavar is Maadava Naayagi.

Theertham - Sobana Pushkarini, Devasabha Pushkarini

Thirumangaialwar - 1248-1257
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Nandhipura Vinnagaram

The temple is located near Korukkai which is near Kumbakonam. The Moolavar is Jagannaathan, Naadhanaadhan, Vinnagara Perumal seen in seated posture facing west. There is an idol of Adhikaara Nandhi on the left side of the temple. Nandhi Bhagavan is said to have done penance here to absolve of his sins & hence the name Nandhipuram to the place. It is believed that Perumal was initially facing east, but he turned west to see the generous sight of Sibi Chakravarty giving his flesh for the sake of justice.

Thaayaar - Shenbagavalli

Theertham - Nandhitheertha Pushkarini

Thirumangaialwar - 1438 - 1447
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Naraiyur (Naachiyaar Koil)

The temple is located 6 miles from Kumbakonam. The Moolavar is Thirunaraiyur Nambi, (Srinivaasan, Vaasudevan) seen in standing posture (Thirumanakolam). The Lord married Vanjulavalli, daughter of Medaavi rishi (in the five forms of Sangarshanan, Pradyumnan, Aniruddhan, Purushothaman, Vaasudevan). Naachiyaar is the main Goddess. There is a separate sannidhi for Garuda. The Gurada vahanam in this temple can be carried by four people in the first sannidhi. But by the time they reach the temple entrance, the weight keeps increasing & 64 people carry it. During Garudasevai, the Lord is seated on the stone Garudan & Naachiyaar on Anna Vahanam. The Brahmotsavam in Margazhi is an important festival.

Thaayaar - Vanjulavalli (Nambikkai Naachiyaar) in standing posture near the Lord in thirumanakolam (wedding).

Theertham - Mani Muktha Pushkarini, Sangarshana Theertham, Prathyumna Theertham, Aniruddha Theertham, Saamba Theertham.

Thirumangaialwar - 1078, 1329, 1470, 1478-1577, 1611, 1659, 1852, 2067, 2068, 2673, 2674
Total of 110 Paasurams.

Thiru Naagai

The temple is located near Maayavaram, 1 mile from the Naagapattinam bus stand. The Moolavar is Neelamega Perumal seen in standing posture with Gadhai (mace) facing east. The Utsava murtis are Soundarya Raajan, Gajalakshmi. There are sannadhis for Govindaraajan in standing posture and Ranganaathan in sayana posture. There is a bronze idol of Narasimhar with 8 hands in the Ranganaathar sannadhi. One hand is blessing Prahalaadhan, one as Abhaya hastam, and the rest of the hands used to kill Hiranyan.

Thaayaar - Soundaryavalli

Theertham - Saara Pushkarini

Thirumangaialwar - 1758 - 1767
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Paarthan Palli

The temple is located 7 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Thaamaraiyaal Kaelvan seen in standing posture facing west. The Utsavar is Paarthasaarathy. The Moolavar & Utsavar have three devis - Sridevi, Boodevi, Neeladevi. There is another Utsava Murthi - kolavalli Raaman with Changu, Chakram, Gadhai & bow, arrow. His Moolavar is seen in a nearby temple.

Thaayaar - Thaamarai Naayagi.

Theertham - Sanga Sara (Ganga Theertham)

Thirumangaialwar - 1318-1327
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Pullamboodangudi

The temple is located near Swaamimalai, maintained by the Ahobila Mutt. The Moolavar is Valvil Raaman seen in bujanga sayanam posture facing east. It is believed that Lord Raamaa rested here after giving moksham to Jadaayu. Since Sita Devi was imprisoned in Lanka at that time, there is no idol for Sita Devi. Only Boomi Devi is seen in seated posture.

Thaayaar - Porraamaraiyaal (Hemambujavalli) in a separate temple.

Theertham - Jadaayu Theertham, Krudra Theertham.

Thirumangaialwar - 1348 - 1357 (10 Paasurams)

Thiruppaer Nagar

Known more popularly as Koviladi. The temple is situated on the banks of the Cauvery on a mound. The Moolavar is Appakkudathaan seen in bujanga sayanam (reclining posture, resting the head on the hand) facing west. He is seen holding an Appa Kudam in his right hand, blessing Ubamanyu rishi.

Thaayaar - Indiradevi, Kamalavalli.

Theertham - Indra Theertham, Kollidam.

Perialwar - 173, 205
Thirumangaialwar - 1428-37, 1851, 1857, 2048, 2050, 2059, 2060, 2070, 2673, 2674
Thirumazhisaialwar - 2417
Nammalwar - 3744 - 3754
Total of 33 Paasurams.

Thiru Manikoodam

The temple is located half a mile from Thirunaangur which is located 5 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Varadaraaja Perumaal (Manikooda Naayagan) seen in standing posture facing east.

Thaayaar - Thirumaamagal Naachiyaar (Sridevi), Boodevi.

Theertham - Chandra Pushkarini

Thirumangaialwar - 1288-1297
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Manimaada Koil

The temple is located at Thirunaangur, which is 5 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Naaraayanan seen in seated posture facing east. There are two utsava murthis Naaraayanan & Alattharkariyaan.

Thaayaar - Pundareekavalli Thaayaaar.

Theertham - Indhra Pushkarini, Rudra Pushkarini

Mangalasasanam: Thirumangaialwar - 1218-1227, 1850, 2674
Total of 12 Paasurams.

Thiru Vannpurushothamam

The temple is located at Thirunaangur, which is 5 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Purushothaman seen in standing posture facing east.

Thaayaar - Purushothama Naayagi

Theertham - Thirupaarkadal Theertham

Thirumangaialwar - 1258-1267
Total of 10 Paasurams.


The temple is located near Maayavaram. The Moolavar is Devaadirajan seen in standing posture with a gadhai (mace) in his left hand facing east. There are idols of Garudalwar, Mother Cauvery on the left & Prahalaadhan on the right. This is the birth place of the great Tamil poet Kamban. There are the idols of Kambar & his wife in the temple. Kamban Vizha is celebrated here every year

Thaayaar - Sengamalavalli

Theertham - Darshana Pushkarini, Cauvery

Thirumangaialwar - 1588-1627, 1854, 2066, 2077, 2673, 2674
Total of 45 Paasurams.

Thiru Vaaliyum Thiru Nagariyum

Thiru Vaali
The temple is located along the Sirgazhi - Thiruvenkaadu bus route. The Moolavar is Lakshmi Narasimhar, Vayalaalimanavaalan, seen in seated posture facing west. The Utsavar is Thiruvaaloi Nagaraalan. Thirumangaialwar's Devi Kumudavalli Naachiyaar was brought up at this sthalam.

The Lord Vayalaali Manavaalan mentioned in the Divya Prabandam is seen in Thiru Nagari & not in Thiru Vaali. Hence the two sthalams are counted together as one divya desam.

Thaayaar - Amrudhakadavalli.

Theertham - Ilakshani Pushkarini

Thiru Nagari
The temple is located 3 miles from Thiru Vaali. The Moolavar is Vedarajan (Vayalaalimanavaalan) seen in seated posture facing west. The Utsavar is Kalyaana Ranganaathan. This is the birth place of Thirumangaialwar & there is a separate sannadhi for him, where he is een in the form of a hunter. Two of the 5 Narasimhars worshipped by him are in this temple. An idol-Sindanaikiniyaan worshipped by the alwar can be seen beside him. The spot where Thirumangaialwar robbed the Lord - Vedarajapuram is situated about half a mile from this sthalam. Since the Lord gave darshan in wedded pose, he came to called Kalyaana Ranganaathan.

Thaayaar - Amrudhavalli.

Kulasekaralwar - 725
Thirumangaialwar - 1078, 1188-1217, 1329, 1519, 1733, 1735, 1850, 2014, 2027, 2063, 2673, 2674
Total of 42 Paasurams.

Thiru Vinnagar (Uppiliyappan)

The temple is located 1 mile from Thirunaageswaram & 4 miles from Kumbakonam. The Moolavar is Uppiliyappan (Srinivaasan) seen in standing posture, similar to Venkataachalapathi, facing east. Those who cannot visit Thirupati worship the Lord at this sthalam. On the request of the wife of Marukandu Maharishi, the naivediyam to the Lord is without salt. No food item with salt should be taken into the temple. The Brahmotsavam in Panguni & the Kalyaana Utsavam in Aippasi are some of the important festivals.

Thaayaar - Boomi Devi seen in seated posture at the Lord's feet. No separate temple.

Theertham - Ahoraathra Pushkarini, Aarthi Pushkarini.

Thirumangaialwar - 1444-1477, 1855, 2080, 2673, 2674 Peyalwar - 2342, 2343
Nammalwar - 3249-3259
Total of 47 Paasurams.

Thiru Vellakulam

The temple is located 7 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Srinivaasan, Kannan, Naaraayanan, Annan Perumaal seen in standing posture facing east. This sthalam is amongst the 11 Thirunaangur thirupadis. It is also known popularly as Then Tiruppadi (southern). The prince Suvedan, son of Dundumaaran is said to have been blessed with long life at this sthalam.

Thaayaar - Alarmel Mangai. Utsavar - Padmaavati, Poovaar Thirumagal.

Theertham - Thiruvellakulam

Mangalasasanam: Thirumangaialwar - 1308-1317
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Vellarai

Thiru Vellarai is situated near Trichy. There is a huge temple, but not too many facilities in the temple area. The Moolavar is Pundarikaakshan seen in standing posture facing east.

Thaayaar - Shenbagavalli, Pangayaselvi. The Utsava Thaayaar is known by the naamam Pangajavalli.

There are 7 theerthams within the temple.

Perialwar - 71, 192 - 201
Thirumangaialwar - 1368-77, 1851, 2673, 2674
Total of 24 Paasurams.

Thiru Velliangudi

The temple is located near Saengaanur which is near Kumbakonam. The Moolavar is Kolavalvilli Raman seen in bujanga sayanam posture facing east. The Utsavar is Sringaara Sundaran. The Garudalwar in this temple is seen with Changu, Chakram.

Thaayaar - Maragadhavalli

Theertham - Chukra Theertham, Brahma Theertham, Indra Theertham, Paraasura Theertham
Sthala Vruksham - Kadali (Banana)

Thirumangaialwar - 1338 - 1347
Total of 10 Paasurams.

Thiru Vaigundha Vinnagaram

The temple is located at Thirunaangur, which is 5 miles from Sirgazhi. The Moolavar is Vaigundha Naadhan, Thaamarai Kannudaiya Piraan, seen in seated posture with Ubaya Naachiyaars facing east.

Thaayaar - Vaigundhavalli.

Theertham - Lakshmi Pushkarini, Udanga Pushkarini, Virajaa Theertham

Thirumangaialwar - 1228-1237
Total of 10 Paasurams.

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