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With the ever flowing Grace of Sathgurunathar & Guruji, the Kumbabishekam festival at Thennangur, Dakshina Halasyam – Sri Gnianananda Giri Peetam, on Sunday the 10th February 2008, went off in a grand manner with participation & co-operation from devotees – both inland & overseas as also the visiting public.

We express our humble gratitude to one and all who lent their support in all spheres thus contributing to the total successful completion of the festivities. The preparations were all efficient under the able guidance & leadership of Poojya Sri Namananda Giri – NAMAJI.

The festival was blessed by the spiritual presence of Swami Sadasiva Giri & Swami Nithyananda Giri of Thapovanam.

Maha Abishekam to all the deities was performed immediately after the Kumbabishekam, as planned. Annadhanam, Vasthradhanam, Homams & rituals at Yagasalais were all performed with due care & sincerity.


Special mention must be made for the excellent arrangements for Annadhanam during the entire festival and everyone had a word of praise for the same.
As part of the main celebrations, apart from Homams, etc., Nine couples (Dhampathis) from among the devotees of our Guruji called out from all our Mandalis in India were given the opportunity to sit for the poojas to eke out Blessings of the LORD [Dhampathi Pooja] through them as representatives. Similarly nine couples among the overseas devotees of our Guruji who have surrendered themselves to the service of Sathgurunathar were also worshipped [Guru Sevaka Pooja] by offering special poojas.

Suvasini Pooja – As customary nine Suvasinis were propitiated to invoke their blessings. Similarly Kanya Pooja & Vadugan Pooja were all performed.

Homams & rituals at Yagasalais viz – Sri Matam, Sri Mennakshi Sundareswarar Alayam and Pandurangan Rukumayee temple - were all performed with religious fervor to precision timing as per prescribed methods & materials.

Meenakshi Kalyanam at Sri Mennakshi Sundareswarar Alayam followed by Panchamurthi procession joined by Garuda Sevai from Pndurangan temple were all a sight to watch enjoyed thoroughly by the devotees present on the occasion.

Pushpanjali at Sri Matam was performed by chanting Lalitha Sahasranamam by Pundits in the evening on the Kumbabishekam day in a Spiritual Ambience.

Devotees participated in the procession of holy water on Elephant from Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple to Sri Pandurangan temple with full enthusiasm.

Being Uthirattathi Star on that day, the customary procession of the Pandurangan Rukumayee idols [worshipped by Guruji] amidst Namasankirthanam was arranged as a fitting finale to the day’s proceedings.

Devotees – especially from overseas had the opportunity to participate in the daily Padapooja amidst prayers to the golden Padukas of Sathgurunathar and Guruji, as also the Bhajans & Divyanamam sessions.

Kumbaishekam to the local kaval deivam – Selliyamman temple was also performed with spiritual fervor in the presence of Namaji, while that of vadanangur has been fixed for 9th March.

The cooperation from the local administrative authorities viz – police fire service etc as also the village folk were laudable.

The salient feature of the entire festival was the time-management during all the events. The excellent co-operation from the Priests, volunteers, devotees & the public enabled us in the strict adherence of timings and the events went off as per schedule.

Mandala Pooja has been arranged for 48 days after the Kumbabishekam which will conclude with Sahasra Kalasabishekam on Saturday the 29th March 2008.

We express our thanks to the RAJ TV and Podhigai TV, for their coverage of the festival for public viewing in their news items later.

For the benefit of our devotees, the Trust is planning to release the coverage of the festival on VCD/DVD

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