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Rituals in our Wedding

Radhe KRISHNA 03-03-2015

Rituals in our Wedding

Rituals in our Wedding


This is conducted to convey a message to the groom that he has to prepare himself to move from Bramhachariyam (Bachelor) to grahasthashramam (Married). Prayers will be conducted to seek the ancestors,

The groom to give up worldly pleasures and the Guru advise the groom to marry the bride to enter grahasthashramam (Family life). This is a ritual enacted prior to the actual wedding where the groom's uncle persuades him that he should get married and not go to Kasi.


The Bride and the groom sit on the swing. Friends and relatives display their talent in classical music, providing festivity to the atmosphere. The Unjal (swing) signifies the ups and down of life.

The parents of the bride respectfully offer her hand in marriage to the groom. They ask that the groom accept their daughter in marriage and treat her as equal. The priest then invokes God through the recitation of the names of several Hindu Deities. He then showers the couple with rice , and flower petals symbolizing a shower of blessings from these Deities , who are considered divine forms of God.

The most precious moment in one;s life. The bride sits on her father's lap. The groom ties the Mangalya Sutra around the bride;s neck with prayers for his well being and for her to live hundred years.


1. We take first step to provide for a happy and healthy home.

2. We take the second step in develop physical, mental and spiritual powers

3. We take the third step to increase our wealth by diligence and righteousness.

4. We take fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love and trust.

5. We take fifth step so that we are blessed with strong, virtuous and loving children,

6. We take sixth step to promise to care for each other for a long life together.

7. Finally , We take seventh step to be true companions and remain partners by this marriage.


The bride groom holds the bride's hands and recites the marriage vows in four mantras. He prays to Agni, the god of fire, Saraswathi the goddess of knowledge and Vayu, the lord of air for blessings, long life and confluence of mind.


The evening of the marriage day is the time to relax and play. The newly-wed wife calls her husband for play, inviting him through a song. Much to the merriment of one and all gathered, there follows a list of playful items, the bride applying the groom's feet with turmeric paste ; fanning him,showing him a mirror, breaking pappads over each other's head; wrenching the betel pack from each other's hand; rolling the coconut between them as it ball-play and so on.

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