Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wild Waves Theme Park Rides (Seattle)

RADHE KRISHNA 11-06-2013

Wild Waves Theme Park Rides 08-06-2013

Wild Waves Theme Park "Thrill Rides" Timberhawk - Ride of Prey Wild Thing (Painted yellow in 2010, The layout was once green) Klondike Gold Rusher Ring of Fire Disko Flashback I-5 Sky Dive (additional cost) Timberaxe Lumberjack Falls Soarin' Eagle Zip Line (additional cost) "Family Rides" The Gambler (Spinning roulette wheel) Dodgem's Bumper Cars The Tip Top (Spinning Tea Cups) Pirate Ship From Boblo Island Amusement Park - co-owner Michael Moodenbaugh Paratrooper 1906 Antique Carousel Octopus Hand Glider Ferris Wheel The Scrambler The Kiddie Coaster (Painted pink 2010, The layout was once green and supports were once blue) Kang-A-Bounce Snowless Inner-tube "Kiddie Rides" Enchanted Railway Red Baron Space Racer Frog Hopper (tree top style ride) Kiddie Boats Kiddie Combo Kiddie Cars Wagon Train "Water Rides" Konga River and Slides Wave Pool Hooks Lagoon Activity Pool Water Slides (including speed and kid slides) Zooma Falls Raging Rapids Rip Tide Carnival games [edit] Long Shot Ring Fling Endzone Ring Toss Blockbuster Balloon Darts Break-A-Plate Short Shot Knock Off Goblet Toss

Wild Thing front seat on-ride HD POV Wild Waves Theme Park http://youtu.be/uaNiGU_jRH8 Corkscrew Front Seat on-ride HD POV Valleyfair! http://youtu.be/OMKb_Zip6W8 Riding The Wave at ValleyFair http://youtu.be/9N73ZYA9-Nk the RIPCORD in Valley Fair, MN, Ashley & Judithsi http://youtu.be/vtLqwc_jPiQ Looping Starship - Valleyfair! http://youtu.be/koF_9sk2uqM Xtreme Swing at Valleyfair Steel Venom at Valleyfair Valley Fair - Chaos Hurricane Harbor Water Park TIMBER AXE RIDE Wild Waves Theme Park I-5 Sky Dive At Wild Waves Soaring Eagle Zip Line Timberhawk: Ride of Prey Front Seat on-ride HD POV Wild Waves Theme Park Wild Thing Front Seat on-ride HD POV Valleyfair! Klondike Gold Rusher! ring of fire Disko Flashback wild waves lumber jack falls!!!

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