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Miami Sequarium, Miami, Florida, USA

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Miami Seaquarium, Miami,FLORIDA, USA
On a 38-acre tropical paradise with spectacular skyline views lies a South Florida attraction like no other. Welcome to Miami Seaquarium®, a place where dolphins walk on water and killer whales fly through the air. Where sea lions delight children of all ages and endangered sea turtles and manatees find a safe haven. Enjoy a world-class marine-life entertainment park with eight different
marine animal shows and astonishing daily presentations. Miami Seaquarium® is a place of inspiration, education – and fun!
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Miami Seaquarium
4400 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, Fl 33149

(305) 361-5705

Open 7 Days Per Week, 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Last series of shows begin at 2:30pm
Ticket booth closes 4:30 p.m.

Please allow at least 4 hours for your visit. Show times do vary from day to day. For a given day’s show times call 305-361-5705 and speak to the “receptionist”.

Daily Rates
General Admission $37.95
Children (3 to 9) $27.95
Plus 7% Florida sales tax

Parking $8.00

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Miami Seaquarium® can provide special pricing for groups of 15 or more guests. Corporations may take advantage of The Flipper Club, our Corporate Discount Program, as employee appreciation gifts.

For more information on group rates call the Sales Department at 305-365-2518 or click here to reserve online.

For rates and reservations call 305-361-5705 ext.284 or ext 560 or click here to reserve online.

Special rates for groups of 15 or more. For rates and reservations, call 305-365-2519 or click here to reserve online.

Senior Citizen (55 years of age or older) $2.00 discount
12-Month Pass Member (for guest) 15% discount
Military Personel 50% off admission price
AAA Card 10% discount

Receive 50% off general admission rates with a valid IATAN ID card.
Family or guest will receive 10% off general admission .
**Not valid with any other discount.
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There’s no shortage of exhibits and shows at Miami Seaquarium®. Here is just some of the educational entertainment you can enjoy on your next visit:

Top Deck Dolphin Show
Thrill to the high-flying antics of bottlenose dolphins as they perform breathtaking leaps and rolls. Guests thrill to the acrobatics of these agile marine mammals as they brave the “splash zone” for a closer look. The Top Deck dolphins can be viewed anytime throughout the day from above and below the water. Keep your eyes open you might be able to spot a baby dolphin depending on when you visit.
Golden Dome Sea Lion Show
Enjoy the hilarious adventures of Salty the Sea Lion and his unflappable co-stars. This hilarious play let allows the sea lion stars to show off their athletic and comedic abilities. The show also features Salty the Sea Lion and a cameo appearance by Salty’s comical harbor seal friend.
Flipper Dolphin Show
TV Superstar Flipper and his Atlantic bottlenose dolphin friends perform in the lagoon which served as the set for the original Flipper TV show. The Flipper dolphins demonstrate the grace and intelligence of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. The show includes jumps, spins, tail walks and flips, all choreographed to music and accompanied by lively and informative narration. Audience participation segments personalize the performance for park guests.
Killer Whale and Dolphin Show
Be amazed and delighted by Lolita the Killer Whale and exotic Pacific white-sided dolphins as they show off their natural grace, beauty and intelligence through the interaction of animal, trainer and guest. Guests watch as Lolita and her trainer “walk on water.” It’s behavior that must be seen to be believed!

Shark Channel Presentation
When Miami Seaquarium first opened in 1955, one of the main attractions was the Shark Channel. Today, guests are still entranced by these fearsome creatures. At the Shark Presentation, animal care specialists feed 200-pound sharks while explaining the various species of shark that exist worldwide.
Tropical Reef Presentation
A favorite among park visitors, the Main Reef Aquarium features a 750,000-gallon saltwater aquarium teeming with reef fishes of every size, color and description. During the Reef Presentation, a diver slowly works his way around the tank allowing visitors to watch as he/she hand-feeds the colorful tropical fish, large groupers, cobia, loggerhead turtles and moray eels. This presentation is accompanied by an environmental narration.
Manatee Presentation
At the Manatee Exhibit, guests come face-to-face with Florida’s state marine mammal through poolside and underwater viewing areas. The Manatee Presentation provides an opportunity to learn about this fascinating and federally endangered animal and, more importantly, explains ways that guests can help save these gentle creatures of the sea. The manatees featured are part of the rescue and rehabilitation program at Miami Seaquarium.
Seal and Sea Lion Feeder Pool
The Feeder Pool is adjacent to the The Golden Dome, a Miami landmark designed by architect Buckminster Fuller. Throughout the day, guests may enjoy the Seal and Sea Lion Exhibit, where they can observe Sea Lions and Seals as they frolic in the South Florida sun. Daily feeding sessions provide the opportunity for guests to feed some of these playful and boisterous mammals. Feeding time is preceded by an informative and entertaining presentation about our playful California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals.
Discovery Bay Presentation
View sea turtles, alligators, Florida birds, fish and other wild-life in a natural mangrove forest environment.

Topical Wings
View tropical birds, reptiles and other fascinating rainforest inhabitants.
Atlantic and Caribbean Fish Aquariums
Explore the stunning variety of tropical marine life that inhabits the aquarium lining the walls of the Top Deck Dolphin area.
Crocodile Flats
Twenty-five Crocodylus niloticus, also known as Nile Crocodiles, are the center of attention in their home at Discovery Bay's Upper Island, known as Crocodile Flats. This exhibit is made up of 32 tons of rock, 72 tons of beach sand, coconut and sable palm trees. Nile Crocodiles can be found in fresh and saltwater habitats like the Nile and estuarine areas of the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. The crocodiles are 6 ½ to 8 feet long and when fully grown can reach a size of 16 feet and nearly 1,000 pounds. The largest one recorded was found to reach an excess size of 20 feet long. Their main diet consists of chicken, fish, and rabbit.

• Dolphin Harbor
• Salty’s Pirate Playground
• Remote Controlled Boats and Cars

General Admission $47.95
Children (3-9)
Plus 7% Florida sales tax $37.95

They can be purchased at time of admission, or you can purchase a one day pass and upgrade to Annual Pass on your way out!
Annual Passes can also be purchaed online.

• Unlimited visits to Miami Seaquarium®. (No Blackout Dates)
• Quarterly Newsletter
• Special Events such as: Easter Weekend, Splashtacular Summer, Monster Splash, Winter Nights & Lights

• 10% discount on gift shop purchases over $10.00
• 10% discount on summer camp and birthday parties at Miami Seaquarium®.
• 20% discount on admission for your guest
• Discounted rates on our Dolphin Interaction Programs
Enjoy 20% off to participating Attractions
Miami Seaquarium® Annual Pass must be presented.
• Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium
• Theater of the Sea
• Jungle Island
• Miami Children’s Museum
• Dolphin Research Center
• Miami Metro Zoo
• Butterfly World
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