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RADHE KRISHNA 03-12-2009


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Of studying predictions
Babu Kalayil

Enthused by the predictions of a person who claims to
possess the gift of extra sensory perception (ESP),
the University of Kerala has granted permission to one
of its senior professors to be a co-investigator in a
project of the Department of Science & Technology under
the Central Government.

Babu Kalayil has, over the years, through his ESP
faculty made "predictions" on the movement of planetary
bodies, including collision between celestial objects,
earthquakes, unusual rise in temperature and the like.
He claims to have predicted even the major earthquake
that caused the tsunami in December 2004, exactly two
months earlier.

The services of G. Renuka, Professor in the Department
of Physics, will be made available for the scientific
evaluation of the project, titled, "Effects of Extra
Sensory Perception on ecological and space disasters",
to be undertaken by the B.K. Research Association for
ESP, an organisation based at Dhanuvachapuram in the
district, of which Mr. Kalayil is the director.

Dr. Renuka, with three decades of research experience,
has specialised in space plasmas, fusion plasmas and

She has already guided research work for nearly
15 PhDs. and 20 M.Phil. degrees. S. Antony, also
possessing a research degree, is the principal

Dr. Renuka says that on August 2, 2001, Babu had
predicted the presence of water on Mars, a month
before a team of Hungarian scientists reported the
presence of water on the red planet. Scientists at
the Berkeley University of California had claimed
to have discovered a new planet, 50 light years
from the earth, in 2004. Mr. Babu had, in 1998,
predicted the existence of such a planet. Dr. Renuka
also notes that Mr. Kalayil had predicted, again
using ESP, sounds similar to thunder emanating from
Titan, one of the 10 moons of Saturn. It was in
October, 2004, that he made this prediction, which
was firmed up on January 16, 2005.

Predictions made on the basis of ESP usually do not
have many takers, mainly on account of the fact that
they are not supported by proper scientific data or
established theories.

Mr. Kalayil's project has been submitted to the DS &
T through the Kerala State Council for Science,
Technology and Environment.

J. Ajith Kumar

Sensing earthquakes

Was the earthquake that claimed thousands of lives
in the Kashmir region in the sub-continent "predicted"
by a person who claims to possess the faculty of Extra
Sensory Perception (ESP)?

A month before the tragedy struck, Babu Kalayil,
a 35-year-old youth and a resident of Undancode on
the Tamil Nadu border, had warned that there could
be serious repercussions on earth owing to solar

He had been quoted as saying that India, Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Japan and
Russia will be affected by earthquakes before January.
He has also predicted earthquake over other countries
in Asia.

Babu was in the news earlier too for having "forecast"
the December 26 quake and the resultant tsunami.

A report quoting Babu had appeared in Tamil newspapers
in mid-November last, saying that several States in India
as well as the Andaman Nicobar Islands, would be hit by
the effects of a massive earthquake. Babu had claimed to
have "seen" heat waves emanating from the sun and causing
disturbances on earth.

J. Ajith Kumar


GIRI said...

How can I contact Mr. Babu Kalayil regarding my future and my mother's disease? Also, is there going to be a grave problem with regards to water in Mumbai? Residents are experiencing severe problems due to scarcity of water.

GIRI said...

How can I contact Mr. Kalayil with regards to my mother's and my future? My mother s suffering from a few diseases. I want her to see in a healthy manner. Is it possible? Also, my brother is not getting jobs? What will be his future and how can we prevent disasters in our family? It has become a trend that some or the other issue or problem keeps on recurring and range of negative thoughts has gripped our mindsets. Please help.

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